Grandma remedy for colic pain in kids


Babies cry. In fact, crying is considered part of normal infant development. Many cultures have used botanical remedies for fussy babies for thousands of years. There are as many herbs used for colic as there are babies with the condition. There have been several published studies of herbal remedies for colic. Surveys indicate that up to 26% of infants are diagnosed with colic. Infantile colic is one of the most frequently cited reasons for visits to child healthcare practitioners, as well as for use of CAM therapies in babies. The conventional wisdom of providing emotional support to families is an important component of colic management, but there are many complementary therapies that may provide additional relief.

Wondermom is a simple age old time tested natural remedy which composed of Yavaksara (Carbonate of potash), Satapushpha (Anethum graveolens oil), and Iksu (Saccharum officinarum).

WONDER MOM will work effectively to relieve from colic pain, digestive complaints in infants and children.


Colic Pain

For the treatment of relief of digestive complaints and in infants and children


2.5-5ml three times a day


100 ml


` 45.00